30,500 students apply to Helsinki University in spring session

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A total of 30,500 students submitted applications to get admission to the University of Helsinki this spring, said the university in a press release on Thursday, on the last day of the joint application procedure.

Out of the applicants, 27,300 applied to bachelor’s programmes and 3,200 to master’s programmes.

With a total of 3,574 applicants, the most popular option available for application was the Bachelor’s Programme in Law. The second most popular programme was the Degree Programme in Medicine with 3,364 applicants followed by the Bachelor’s Programme in Psychology with 2,910 applicants.

“Heartfelt thanks for the trust placed in us! We will do everything in our power to make our University the best place to study. I wish you all the best of luck and success in the admissions process,” said Rector Sari Lindblom of the University of Helsinki.

The most popular option in Master’s Programme was in the Development of Health Care Services, with 1,444 applicants. The second and third most popular options were in Pharmacy and Psychology, with 288 and 233 applicants, respectively.

The open university route outside the joint application procedure interested 229 applicants. The most popular programme was the Bachelor’s Programme in Computer Science, with 61 applicants. The second-highest number of applicants (53) were attracted by the Bachelor’s Programme in Law. The open university route refers to applying for the right to pursue a degree on the basis of completed open university studies.

This year, the field of education expanded the open university route, as studies in education were included in the joint application procedure.

The open university route is becoming an authentic alternative to certificate-based admissions and entrance examinations in the field. For example, 10% of the places in the aptitude test for teacher training are reserved for applicants taking the open university route. At the University of Helsinki, the field of education attracted 207 applicants.

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Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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