73% Finns want to buy used car: Survey

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The majority, as much as 73 per cent of Finnish people want to buy a second-hand car, according to a survey conducted by Pohjola Insurance.

Those factors most affecting the choice of second-hand car are the buyer’s budget, the car mileage and the safety of the car, said OP in a press release on Friday, quoting the survey.

The least important factors are the engine size, the accessories and the colour.

The average sum that Finnish people are willing to pay for a second-hand car is about 14,500 euros.

About 76 per cent of the respondents wish to buy the car with their savings. The average age of the purchased car is 5 years.

"The older you are yourself, the more you are willing to pay for a second-hand car. According to the survey, people over 50 years of age buy a new car more often than other people", said Pohjola Insurance’s Head of Motor Insurance Kristian Hiljander.

According to a survey, Finnish people switch cars approximately every six years.

As many as 31 per cent of the respondents would like to buy a plug-in hybrid next, and 7 per cent, an electric car.

However, only one fifth of the respondents believe they will own an electric car in five years. The main problem related to purchasing an electric car is the price.

The purchase of an electric car is limited by their price when new and the limited supply of second-hand cars.

"According to the survey, Finnish people replace their cars on average every six years and every 152,000 kilometres. However, 20 per cent of the respondents mention having extended their car change interval lately. The general economical situation is also reflected in car sales", said Hiljander.

More than half of the respondents have experience with buying from or selling a car to a private party. Despite this, many are wary about the sales process and nearly one in ten say they have been cheated or misled when buying or selling a car.

“When buying a second-hand car from another private person, it’s important to inspect the car thoroughly and ensure the smoothness and safety of the purchase,” said Hiljander.

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Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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