Aktia to axe 23 staff to cut costs

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Aktia Bank has decided to cut 23 employees to reduce costs as a move to reorganise part of its operations, said Aktia in a press release on Tuesday.

The change negotiations initiated by Aktia Bank Plc on November 6 was ended and as a consequence about 23 tasks will be reduced instead of the initially estimated 35.

Less than half of the redundancies concern the customer interface, while about one-third concern group functions.

In connection with the changes, the duties of six employees are transformed into new roles.

Some employees have been offered new tasks or roles. Therefore, the exact number of redundancies and changes will be known by the end of the year.

The aim of the change negotiations is to simplify and renew the organisation and its activities. In asset management, the objective is to improve customer experience and to develop and strengthen service models.

"We have developed our internal processes and systems within asset management, and the next step is to bring our specialised expertise even closer to the customer. As a wealth manager bank, we want to ensure that we always take care of the customer comprehensively and provide comprehensive advice. However, change negotiations are always challenging for the organisation. We will support the employees affected by the changes to the best of our ability," said Juha Hammarén, Chief Executive Officer of Aktia.

The changes have no direct consequences for our customers' investments or existing services and do not require any actions from customers.

Earlier in November, Aktia Bank started change negotiations to reorganise part of its operations.

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