Avian flu in minks found in Alavieska

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Avian influenza infection of fur animals has been found in farmed minks in Alavieska, said the Finnish Food Authority in a press release on Thursday.

This is the first case of avian influenza in a fur farm in Northern Ostrobothnia. The case shows that the risk of avian influenza infections is not yet over and it is necessary for fur farms to continue taking protective measures.

Highly pathogenic type H5N1 avian influenza has been found at 27 fur farms in total.

With the most recent case being the exception, these cases were found in the regions of South and Central Ostrobothnia and Ostrobothnia in July and August.

The case of avian influenza in Alavieska was found by the Finnish Food Authority on September 27 in studies carried out after the owner of the fur farm reported the symptoms and deaths of the animals to the municipal veterinarian.

Finnish Food Authority orders all animals to be culled at the fur farm as a result of the avian influenza infection. The source of infection at the farm is being investigated.

An avian influenza survey of all fur farms in Finland was launched in September. Sampling has progressed as planned. The first results of the survey are to be published in the beginning of next week (week 40).

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Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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