Biden doesn’t see Russia continues war in Ukraine for long

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US President Joe Biden on Thursday said that Russia would not able to continue the war in Ukraine for a longer period as the country is suffering from short of resources and economic trouble.

Speaking at a joint press conference after a bilateral meeting with President Sauli Niinistö in Helsinki, he also assured that his country is committed to defend Finland.

“I do not think the war (Ukraine war) cans go for years,” said Biden replying to a query at the press conference, adding that Moscow was running with short of resources and into economic trouble.

He also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has already lost the war in Ukraine and there is no possibility of him winning the war there.

The US President vowed to protect each inch of territory of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) including Finland.

"As our ally, we want the people of Finland to know the United States is committed to NATO, committed to Finland, and those commitments are rock solid,” he added.

Biden said NATO elevated its relationship with Ukraine and created a way for its membership as it continues to make progress on the necessary democratic and security reforms required of every NATO member.

He, however, said that Ukraine could not join the alliance in the middle of a war.

Speaking at the press conference Niinistö said that the two presidents discussed about neighbouring country (Russia) and the war in Ukraine.

"We also had a discussion about our neighbour, and I think we both share similar views. The war in Ukraine was also discussed, and we both see that we will continue to support Ukraine, which is not only defending itself but also the values we hold in the western world," said Niinistö.

He also thanked his US counterpart for the support given by the United States during Finland´s NATO joining process.

"I want to once again thank you for the strong support you have given Finland all the time. This is a new era in Finnish security policy and you will be one of those who wrote it in history," Niinistö added.

Earlier on the day, he took part in the U.S.-Nordic Leaders' Summit hosted by Niinistö.

The US president left Finland in the evening.

Biden arrived in Finland late Wednesday night.

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