Cop injured as car hits him during breathalyser tests raid in Kaarina

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A police constable was injured when a car knocked down him during a raid against drunk driving at Kaarina, a municipality under Southwest Finland region on Sunday morning.

Police said that the incident took place at about 9:00 am when a police patrol was administering breathalyser tests of the drivers of vehicles on Varesvuorentie road at the locality.

At certain stage, another speeding car coming from behind tried to escape the raid ignoring the police signal and collided with a car remained stopped in front of it.

The constable, who was administering breathalyser test of the driver of the stopped car, was hit by the speeding car as a result the constable and the driver of the speeding car were injured.

The constable and the driver were taken to hospital for treatment.

The Accident Investigation Board and Police are investigating into the incident to find out the reason and circumstances surrounding the accident.

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