Espoo to celebrate 75 years of school meal

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The schools and upper secondary schools in the city of Espoo will celebrate 75 years of school meals from October 2 to October 6, said the city in a press release on Friday.

“Healthy food is essential for well-being and learning. I hope that our children and young people will appreciate the opportunity for a shared daily lunch break”, said Harri Rinta-aho, Deputy Mayor for Growth and Learning of the City of Espoo.

“It would be good if children and young people ate a daily meal at daycares, comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools”, he added.

Free school meals have contributed to laying the groundwork for the equal growth and development of students and promoting healthy eating habits.

School meals that are free of charge and based on dietary recommendations are still a point of pride in Finland, with visitors coming from all over the world to learn more about the system.

In addition, meals at schools and daycare centres always serve an educational purpose.

In Espoo’s schools, students have many opportunities to influence meal planning.

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