Finland bans entry of Russia-registered passenger cars

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As of midnight, Finland will close its borders to passenger cars registered in Russia, reported Xinhua, quoting a press release issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday.

"In the future, only EU citizens permanently residing in Russia or their family members, diplomats or equivalent individuals, or people travelling for humanitarian reasons, can enter Finland with a passenger car registered in Russia," the release said.

With this move, Finland complies with the guidelines of the European Commission issued on Sept. 8, prohibiting the entry of passenger cars registered in Russia into the European Union.

The decision aims to prevent Russian citizens from circumventing sanctions imposed on the country, the ministry said.

Cars that are already in Finland and have Russian license plates must leave the country by March 16, 2024, the ministry said.

The move follows similar decisions made by Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania earlier this week to bar the entry of vehicles registered in Russia.

Earlier in July 2023, Finland decided to continue restrictions on the travel by citizens of Russia.

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