Finland donates €3.7m to support children, youths vulnerable in Lebanon

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The government of Finland on Friday donated 3.7 million euros through the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) to support vulnerable children and youths in Lebanon, reported Xinhua.

The donation will support out-of-school marginalized children and their families by offering them education, child protection, adolescent and youth engagement, social assistance, and health and nutrition services, according to a statement from UNICEF.

It said these services will ensure the continued education of children and youths and contribute to greater social cohesion while providing a protective environment for all the children.

"In the current context of compounding crises in Lebanon, the most vulnerable children are being left behind. The situation affects just about every aspect of children's lives, which is why it is necessary to address the well-being of children and secure their right to education," said Ambassador of Finland to Lebanon Anne Meskanen.

Edouard Beigbeder, UNICEF's representative in Lebanon, said, "Through this new contribution, we will continue to improve the well-being of vulnerable children and adolescents by providing them with protection, social assistance, education, and skill-building services to create a better future for them."

The services will be provided through UNICEF's innovative program, the Multi-Service Community Centers approach, which will offer a range of services in a community-based manner.

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