Finland for EU Customs reform

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The Finnish government on Thursday submitted a Union communication to Parliament welcoming the proposed reform of the EU Customs Union, said a government press release.

A Union communication is used in EU affairs whenever there is a matter concerning an EU legislative proposal or other proposal that falls within Parliament’s competence.

A reform of the EU Customs Union would simplify customs processes, modernise customs procedures and reduce the administrative burden, said the government.

The Government welcomed the proposal to establish a new EU Customs Authority and appreciates the need for a new EU Customs Data Hub. The proposal on EU-wide risk management and risk analysis is well justified.

The government drew attention to the significant additional costs the proposed legislation would cause over the first fifteen years of its entry into force.

However, the government welcomed the fact that no additional financing would be required during the current multiannual financial framework (MFF).

Earlier on May 17, the Commission put forward proposals for a reform of the EU Customs Union.

The Customs Union is the foundation of the European Union. It ensures that the single market can function without disruption. Customs authorities control all goods entering and leaving the EU.

The proposed reform is ambitious and it would modernise all key EU legislation on customs. It aims to create a modern, data-driven Customs Union that embraces digital transformation. Some of this would be achieved through pooling of functions.

The reform would reduce the costs and administrative burden of businesses and authorities by simplifying customs procedures and by modernising customs formalities. Customs procedures would be simpler for the most trustworthy traders who meet strict criteria of transparency.

In time, a new EU Customs Data Hub would replace the existing customs IT infrastructure in EU Member States.

A new EU Customs Authority would be responsible for an EU approach to risk management. The EU Customs Reform would be implemented in stages, for the most part over the next 5 to 15 years.

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