Finns wary about long-term damage to the economy from coronavirus

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Most people who responded to a new survey said they would be willing to compromise their own standard of living to help the country recover economically.

Finns wary about long-term damage to the economy from coronavirus

The majority of Finns say that although they accept there’s gloomy economic times ahead, they’re in agreement that there needs to be some exceptional measures taken to boost the economy – but those measures shouldn’t damage the economy in the long run.

Those are some of the key findings of a new survey from the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA, which asked 2,060 people questions about coronavirus and the economy from 26th March to 3rd April.

The study paints a picture of the coronavirus crisis where 67% of Finns think that combating the economic crisis is as important as preventing the spread of the virus.

The majority of people in the survey, 56%, believe the coronavirus crisis will damage Finland’s economy for a long time with around two thirds of Finns Party voters, people in leadership positions, and those living in small municipalities being the most pessimistic.

People who support one of the five parties in the government coalition, people with university degrees, students and young people are less pessimistic about the long term impact of coronavirus on the economy.

Despite the less-than-rosy economic outlook, Finns are resilient and cite the ‘Winter War spirit’ to get through the crisis.

Some 59% of people said they would compromise their own interests or standard of living in order to overcome the economic difficulties, while just 18% were not willing to make any compromises.




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