Gasum to build liquefied biogas filling station in Lapland

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Finnish state-owned energy company Gasum has begun work on building a new gas filling station in the municipality of Keminmaa in northern Finland, said the company in a press release on Thursday.

Construction work will take around six months and the goal is to open the station to users by the end of this year.

When completed, the Keminmaa filling station will be the first gas filling station in Finnish Lapland.

The Keminmaa station will provide both liquefied and compressed biogas, thereby serving heavy-duty transport and passenger car drivers.

The station is located in the new Rajakangas industrial park on the Oulu-Tornio road in the immediate vicinity of the Rovaniemi junction.

The station is ideally placed to serve traffic heading for Rovaniemi and Tornio as well has traffic to Sweden. The Keminmaa station has received funding from the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility.

“Gasum aims to expand its filling station network even further northward and enable transport with biogas and gas motoring in Lapland. The Keminmaa station will serve long-haul transport in the north and enable growing numbers of logistics providers to switch to biogas-powered transport,” said Juho Kurra, Head of Business, Traffic Finland of Gasum in the press release.

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