German researchers develop AI systems to detect plastic in oceans

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The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is developing several AI systems that can help detect plastic waste floating on the surfaces of the world's oceans, reported dpa.

As part of the PlasticObs+ project, technology is to be attached to surveillance aircraft to monitor the oceans. According to the centre, the first test flights were satisfactory.

The DFKI's long-term goal is to equip surveillance aircraft that are in use worldwide with AI-supported sensor technology. This would allow for the continuous and comprehensive inventory of plastic waste for the first time.

The project, led by the research centre, is funded by the German government with €1.9 million ($2.03 billion) over three years.

"We expect to have an operational prototype by the end of the project in March 2025," said project leader Christoph Tholen.

A timetable for the development of the technology to market maturity has not yet been set.

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