Germany compensates 178 gay soldiers for discrimination

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Germany's armed forces have received 178 applications for financial compensation in the two years since a law on the rehabilitation of gay soldiers who faced discrimination came into force, reported dpa.

In 2021, the German parliament decided that soldiers who had been discriminated against based on their sexuality in the army would be entitled to compensation and and have their records cleared.

The number of applications is lower than expected, the Defence Ministry said in Berlin on Tuesday. In an evaluation report, however, the ministry states: "The goals of the law have been achieved."

Around €400,000 has so far been paid out.

Homosexual acts were considered criminal in the German military up until the late 1960s.

Later, gay servicemen and women were no longer kicked out but still faced discrimination, for example by not being allowed to take on certain responsibilities and being refused promotion.

New personnel rules were introduced in 2000 to put an end to institutionalized discrimination of homosexual soldiers.

In 2020, the Defence Ministry said it expected some 1,000 people were expected to file a claim for compensation.

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