Govt to complete Future Report in spring

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Govt to complete Future Report in spring

The Government has begun preparing its next Report on the Future during the spring with the view to identify issues that will be important for decision-making and require particular attention in the future, and it serves to open discussion for the coming years.

A steering group chaired by Mikko Koskinen, State Secretary to Prime Minister has been appointed to prepare the report, said an official press release.

The report will be presented in two parts aiming to promote dialogue and engagement. The first part will provide an overall picture of the future operating environment through scenario work exploring Finland in the next generations. The scenario work will identify societal, technological, economic, environmental, legislative and policy changes, explore the uncertainties associated with these changes and consider their possible paths of development in the future, both in Finland and in the international operating environment.

In the second part of the report, the Government will focus on one or more of the phenomena that emerged in the scenario work and reflect on possible directions for solutions.

As part of its work on the Report on the Future, the Prime Minister’s Office will organise 50 dialogues on the future of Finland in cooperation with the Timeout Foundation. The discussions will be carried out using the Timeout method and will be held in different parts of Finland, either via remote connections or, if the situation so permits, as physical gatherings in cooperation with regional and local actors.


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