Inspection finds faults in support of collapse Tapiola bridge

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The scaffolding bridges in Tapiola require repairs and further inspections and the temporary bridges will remain closed for the time being, according to a third-party inspection report on the collapse of a temporary bridge at the area on May 11, said the City of Espoo in a press release on Monday.

The City of Espoo commissioned the third-party inspection of the temporary bridges in Tapiola following the collapse of a bridge where dozens of people mostly school children were injured.

The third-party inspection was carried out on all the temporary bridges between Merituulentie and Itätuulenkuja, which were closed by the city on 12 May.

In addition, the city and the scaffolding suppliers have carried out their own inspections. The inspections and reports do not cover the collapsed bridge. The Safety Investigation Authority of Finland is investigating the cause of the collapse.

The third-party inspection found, among other things, that there were shortcomings in support and locking as well as in the truss buckling support. In addition, the report stated that the plans and calculations need to be specified.

Some of the bridges have been commissioned by the city and some by private construction sites. All operators involved have already carried out immediate repairs on the bridges.

The city will discuss the future use of the scaffolding bridges and route arrangements with the scaffolding suppliers and the private construction sites in the area. The use of the bridges requires another third-party inspection to ensure that the repairs are sufficient.

Espoo is looking for solutions that could speed up the completion of the final reinforced concrete decks between Merituulentie and Itätuulenkuja. There are several construction sites in the area, which must be taken into consideration in the schedule.

All old buildings and street deck structures have been demolished between Merituulentie and Itätuulenkuja. The new building projects above Merituulentie will soon be completed. The first building project between Merituulentie and Itätuulenkuja has been completed and two others will soon be completed. There are also several building projects that have not yet started.

Temporary bridges have been used to ensure that the routes available during construction work are as accessible and user-friendly as possible.

After the closure of the temporary bridges, temporary pedestrian routes have been arranged in the area. From the street level on Itätuulenkuja, people can access Helmakuja, where they can take the elevator to the metro, bus terminal and Ainoa shopping centre. Pedestrians, including those with a pram or bicycle, can walk through Itätuulenkuja all the way from Tapiolantie to Etelätuulentie.

The city decided to close and inspect all temporary bridges in the area due to the accident on 11 May.

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