Israel announces class resumption amid conflict with Hamas

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Israeli Education Minister Yoav Kisch announced on Sunday the resumption of schools and kindergartens starting Monday, reported Xinhua.

Israel's Home Front Command and the ministry divided the country into green, yellow, and red zones to gradually resume classes.

In the green zone, which includes the southern region, class resumption is allowed with no restrictions except for areas close to the Gaza Strip.

In the yellow zone, which covers part of the northern and central regions, classes are only permitted in schools and kindergartens with quick access to protected shields.

In the red zone, which includes Tel Aviv, closer places to Gaza, and the northern border area, schools and kindergartens would remain closed, with studies being held remotely from home.

The minister also announced that all upcoming matriculation exams would be postponed by a month.

Schools and kindergartens in Israel were closed on Oct. 8, a day after a bloody conflict erupted between the country and the Gaza-ruling Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

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