Libyan parliament suspends PM-designate

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The eastern-based Libyan House of Representatives (parliament) on Tuesday suspended Prime Minister-designate Fathi Bashagha after more than a year of his appointment, reported Xinhua.

"The House of Representatives voted by majority to suspend Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha, refer him for investigation, and assign Finance Minister Osama Hammad to run the duties of prime minister, in addition to his duties as finance minister," said Abdullah Blehig, the parliament spokesman.

He did not reveal the reasons for the decision. However, the parliament discussed in Tuesday's session an item related to the performance of Bashagha's government since it was granted confidence earlier last year, according to Blehig.

In February 2022, the parliament appointed Bashagha, the former interior minister, as the prime minister to replace Prime Minister Abdul-Hamed Dbeibah.

But Dbeibah refused to hand over the power to Bashagha, citing that he would only hand over office to an elected government.

Libya failed to hold general elections in December 2021 as previously scheduled due to disagreements over election laws among the Libyan parties. Earlier in January, Dbeibah said his government was ready to hold general elections in the year 2023.

Ever since the fall of the late leader Muammar Gaddafi's regime in 2011, Libya has been struggling to make a democratic transition amid escalating violence and political division.

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