PM to focus effects of Russia’s aggression at Moldova summit

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Outgoing Prime Minister Sanna Marin on Tuesday said that she would emphasize the effects of Russia's war of aggression at the European Political Community Summit scheduled to be held in Chisinau, Moldova on Thursday.

The Premier submitted her report to the Grand Committee of Parliament and the Foreign Affairs Committee on the summit where she will participate in the discussion on security, said the parliament in a press release.

Marin told that she would also focus the importance of the effective implementation of sanctions and preventing their evasion, and the continuation of support for Ukraine.

In addition, Marin plans to highlight cooperation in strengthening resilience and combating hybrid threats.

Members of the European Council and representatives of 20 European countries outside the EU have been invited to the Summit. Discussions of the Summit will focus on joint efforts on peace and security, energy resilience and climate action, and interconnections in Europe for a better connected and more stable continent.

The committees and the Prime Minister discussed the activities of the European Political Community and the takeaways from the first EPC Summit organized in the Czechia in October 2022.

According to Marin, the important value of the European Political Community is to provide a platform for a visible dialogue between the EU and its partner countries.

She stated that organizing the Summit in Moldova also signals the support of the participating countries and the EU for the country in the current operating environment. ​

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