Practice for alerting incoming vehicles about raid worries police

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The police expressed concern over the practice of the motorists to alert the incoming vehicles by flashing their car lights about the police raid against drunk driving ahead, said police in a press release late Sunday night.

The incidents also happened on Sunday when police were conducting breathalyser tests during a pre-Christmas drive against drunk driving.

The drivers, who faced the breathalyser tests and left the scene, informed the drivers of the vehicles coming from the opposite direction about the police raid in advance by flashing headlights of their cars promoting the drunk drivers to escape the search.

Members of the law enforcing agency said that they did not understand the reason behind such practice of the motorists, which is very risky for public safety.

If the drunk drivers were aware of the police presence beforehand, they change their direction to avoid police raid that might have caused fatal accident, said police.

Considering the consequence, the police urged to motorists to be refrained from such harmful practice.

The alert also helped the wanted criminal to avoid police arrest.

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