Probe into Mikkeli school food poisoning continues

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The Finnish Food Authority and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) continued the incident of food poisoning at 18 schools in Mikkeli last month, said the City of Mikkeli in a press release on Tuesday.

The authorities conducted preliminary investigation into the incident and talked to more than 4000 people including students, staff and guardians to know the symptom developed during and after taking the lunch on August 16.

A total 812 students and staff of the schools were diagnosed with food poisoning symptoms after eating lunch at the schools.

The most common syndromes were abdominal pain, nausea and headache while some also experienced vomiting.

Although initially it was revealed that the food poisoning was diagnosed after eating tortillas and the students sensed a vinegar smell and said the tortillas tasted like soap.

The Food Authority after preliminary investigation, however, did not find reasons for the illnesses due to the unusual taste and smell of the tortillas yet.

Several hundred of students suffered from food poisoning after eating school lunch in Mikkeli on August 16.

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