Saimaa Canal opens on Tuesday

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The Saimaa Canal delegates have decided that the sailing season in the Canal will start on Tuesday and last until 31 December, said the Ministry of Transport and Communications in a recent press release.

Every year, the delegates agree on a protocol on the length of the sailing period and the date on which the traffic season will open.

The decision is made according to the Saimaa Canal lease agreement. It is an international agreement approved by Parliament.

During the season, the Saimaa Canal is open to vessel traffic 24 hours a day. The dates for starting and ending the season may be changed according to ice conditions.

Finland’s Saimaa Canal Delegate is Permanent Secretary Minna Kivimäki.

The Saimaa Canal is 43 kilometres long. Nearly half of it runs through an area leased from Russia.

The EU sanctions against Russia do not prevent Saimaa Canal traffic that is in line with the sanctions policy.

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