Scholz does not think Trump will return to WH

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz believes it is unlikely that former US president Donald Trump would be elected US president again, reported dpa.

He considers it "more plausible that President Biden will also be re-elected," Scholz said on Friday at the Augsburger Allgemeine Live event, hosted by the German newspaper of the same name.

Scholz did not want to comment specifically on the question of whether the German government was nevertheless prepared for Trump's election victory and the associated consequences for international politics.

"You can already imagine that we are carefully considering the scenarios in all international situations," he said.

Scholz praised Joe Biden's "incredible experience in international politics" and Biden's own "good judgement," apart from the advice he gets from his advisers.

According to the chancellor, the current US president also has the most potential to tackle the divisions in American society. "If anyone has a chance of overcoming this division and standing up to the division, it is Democratic President Biden."

Trump was president of the United States for four years from 2017 until 2021, losing the 2020 election to Democratic challenger Biden. Trump already announced he would run in the next presidential election in November 2024. He is facing at least four law suits, including federal and state criminal cases against him.

In order to face off against Biden once more, however, Trump must first prevail in primaries against his Republican competitors. At the moment he has a commanding lead in Republican primary polls.

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