Swedish security forces remain on high alert: minister

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Security measures in Sweden will not be relaxed in the foreseeable future, Justice Minister Gunnar Stommer said here on Thursday, two weeks after the country's terrorist threat level was raised from "elevated" to "high," reported Xinhua.

"The overall assessment is that the threat level is the same as it was two weeks ago and that we will live with this (situation) for the foreseeable future," Strommer told a press conference.

The terrorist threat level was raised following a series of public demonstrations in Sweden where copies of the Quran were burnt, sparking anger and protests in Muslim countries.

Terrorist organizations have urged their followers to act "against Sweden, Swedish individuals, or Swedish interests abroad," Fredrik Hallstrom, head of counter-terrorism at the Swedish Security Service said at the press conference.

The national security service and the police have been cooperating closely to avert the threats, aided by the upgraded cyber-intelligence capabilities of the law enforcement authorities, he said.

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Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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