Thousands still affected by summer storm Päivö

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Power outages, fallen trees as gusts of wind reached up to 26.9 metres per second and the storm moved to the northeast.

Thousands still affected by summer storm Päivö

The effects of summer storm Päivö, which brought heavy rain, high winds and thunderstorms to many parts of the country on Tuesday, are still being felt 24 hours later.

Overnight the worst of the storm moved from Yläa-Savo to North Karelia and towards Kainuu with gusts in Liperi reaching 26.9 metres per second.

Power companies said more than 60,000 customers were left without power on Tuesday evening, but some services were restored in a number of areas overnight.

The North Savo Rescue Department says their crews have been busy with storm-related calls since Tuesday and damage prevention work continues.

“The emergency centre should not be called in event of a fault if no-one is in danger. Unnecessary calls could cause fatal delays for assistance to people in need” the department says.

The rescue department reminds people that they don’t need to call 112 to report a fallen tree on the road, or if a tree falls on electricity power lines.

Thousands still affected by summer storm Päivö

Train travel impacted by the storm aftermath

Power outages also affected train transport and VR says intercity services between Oulu and Helsinki; Pendolino services between Kajaani and Helsinki, and Karjaa and Helsinki are delayed because of track problems.

Local train services between Nurmes and Joensuu are also affected by track disruptions; while trains between Suonenjoki and Lapinlahti are replaced with a bus service on Wednesday while the power outages continue.

VR is telling passengers to prepare for delays, and passengers should check the dedicated VR traffic situation page to see the latest disruptions.


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