Transport energy consumption wanes by 4% in 2022

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Energy consumption in domestic transport amounted to 164 petajoule (PJ) in 2022, falling by four per cent (PJ) from the previous year, according to Statistics Finland.

Liquid fuels in road transport had the biggest effect on the fall. The combined consumption of motor gasoline and diesel fuel in road transport decreased by five per cent from the year before.

The consumption of alternative energy sources in road transport rose by 47 per cent.

Road transport accounted for 92 per cent of energy consumption in transport, down by a percentage point from the year before.

The consumption of diesel fuel in road transport fell by five per cent and that of motor gasoline by six per cent.

Risen prices of liquid fuels had an effect on the fall in energy consumption in road transport.

The share of liquid biofuels in all energy sources in road transport fell to 15 per cent in 2022, which was influenced by the reduction of the distribution obligation to 12 per cent.

In 2022, electricity as an energy source in transport amounted to three per cent and biogas to 0.7 per cent. The consumption of natural gas and liquefied natural gas in transport fell by 73 per cent.

Recovery from the effects of the corona pandemic was visible in domestic air transport as an increase in the consumption of jet fuel (37 %).

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