VR’s new diesel locomotives start freight traffic

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The first brand new diesel locomotives of the national railway operator- VR started operation in commercial traffic on Wednesday, said VR in a press release.

The locomotives, customized to fulfill VR's needs and the Finnish weather and railway conditions have undergone an extensive testing program before the launching.

The new locomotives are especially suitable for heavy freight traffic.

Commercial traffic with the new diesel locomotives has started in Kolari’s roundwood traffic operations. The first commercial train powered by one of the new diesel locomotives was operated from Kemi to Kolari on Wednesday.

Five Dr19 locomotives have now been officially transferred from Stadler Rail Valencia to VR’s ownership.

“The diesel locomotives have undergone an extensive testing program and are now ready for commercial traffic. The locomotives will mainly be used in freight traffic and their tractive effort is approximately twice as efficient as that of our old locomotives,” said Ilkka Heiskanen, Vice President, Train Operations and Safety of VR.

The first Dr19 locomotive arrived in Finland from Stadler Rail Valencia for testing in February 2022.

The locomotives will arrive in Finland in phases and the complete fleet of 60 locomotives will be delivered by the end of 2026. The Dr19 locomotives will slowly replace the ageing diesel locomotives, which by then will be about 40–60 years old and will have already exceeded their normal life cycle.

Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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