200 Finnish citizens, residents evacuated from Israel

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A total of 200 Finnish citizens and residents were evacuated from Israel till Saturday, said the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in a press release.

The ministry repatriated 149 people on its evacuation flight from Israel to Finland in early Saturday morning.

The flight was carried out in cooperation with various authorities under the leadership of the ministry´s consular rapid response team.

On Friday, Finland also assisted 31 people in evacuating on a Swedish flight to Stockholm Arlanda Airport in cooperation with the Swedish authorities.

In addition, about 20 persons who had registered for the flights to Finland notified the Ministry that they had left the country on evacuation flights from Israel to Europe organised by other countries.

The ministry is still aware of about 20 Finnish citizens or holders of Finnish residence permits who have requested assistance leaving Israel or the Palestinian territories.

The Finnish authorities are working to find other ways for those in need of help to leave the country.

However, no more national evacuation flights are planned at this time, but close cooperation with the Nordic countries and EU Member States will continue.

Earlier on Wednesday, the ministry prepared an evacuation flight for Finnish citizens and permanent residents of Finland who need help leaving Israel and the Palestinian territory.

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Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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