Canada to set up new agency to protect freshwater supply

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The Canadian federal government will establish a new stand-alone agency by the end of this year to protect the country's freshwater supply, the prime minister's office said on Wednesday, reported Xinhua.

The new federal body, the Canada Water Agency, will be located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and legislation will be introduced by the end of 2023 to establish it under the minister of environment and climate change, according to a news release published on the prime minister's official website.

The Canada Water Agency will work with provinces, territories, Indigenous Peoples, local authorities, scientists, and other partners to find the best ways to keep the water safe, clean, and well-managed for everyone, the release said, adding that more details about its mandate and priorities will be communicated soon.

One of the first priorities of the agency will be to begin the work of modernizing the Canada Water Act to reflect the changing reality of fresh water in Canada, including the impacts of climate change and the importance of Indigenous rights.

The Canada Water Agency will also lead the delivery of major elements of the Freshwater Action Plan which will support regionally specific measures to further protect Canada's freshwater reserves across the country, from Lake Winnipeg, to the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes, to the Mackenzie River, the release said.

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