Defence Forces to buy 91 troop carriers from Patria

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Finnish Defence Force will procure a total of 91 armoured personnel carriers with equipment for the Army from defence arms company Patria, said the Ministry of Defence in a press release on Friday.

Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen authorised the Defence Forces to procure armoured 6×6 personnel carriers.

The total cost of the procurement, without value added tax, is about EUR 208 million and the domestic employment effect will be about 180 person-years. Vehicle deliveries will begin during 2023.

In addition to the vehicles, user and maintenance training are included in the procurement, which also includes a provision to procure more vehicles, at the most 70.

The serial procurement is carried out as part of the international CAVS project (Common Armoured Vehicle System), led by Finland, which also includes Latvia, Sweden and Germany.

In cooperation with Patria, the countries will develop a wheeled armoured vehicle system that meets the common requirements for Patria's 6×6 armoured vehicle platform and includes several vehicle versions, including the personnel carrier to be purchased now.

“The procurement will develop the mobility of the Army with domestically manufactured vehicles. They are ideal for Finnish conditions and are highly cost-effective throughout their life cycle,” said Kaikkonen.

From Finland's perspective, the project will enhance the mobility capabilities of wheeled vehicles of the Army until the 2060s. The Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Defence and Patria on ordering new personnel transport vehicles was signed in 2021.

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