Demo at Helsinki University continues protesting govt´s cuts plan

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The students of the University of Helsinki continued their sit-in demonstration in front of the main building on Thursday, for the second consecutive day protesting against the government's plan to cut the housing allowance and financial aid of the students as well as immigration policies weakening the position of international students.

The university authorities extended support to the sit-in demonstration organised by the students.

The University of Helsinki’s Director of Facilities and Properties Marita Rovamo and Vice-Rector Kai Nordlund addressed students on Thursday in the vestibule of the University’s Main Building, said the university in a press release.

“There are no plans to remove the occupiers from the Main Building. The sit-in has proceeded calmly with a common understanding, and no security issues or damage has occurred. Moreover, we support the students’ views, and the University leadership understands the occupiers’ concerns about the livelihood of students,” said Nordlund.

In its objectives for the government programme, the University of Helsinki has already demanded that students be provided with support, such as social benefits, that makes it possible to concentrate on studying, graduate without delays and successfully move on to professional life.

Daily negotiations have been conducted with the occupiers on the use of facilities and general safety.

“We want to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises. The occupiers have been asked to clean the lobby and cloakroom area so that the facilities are accessible and can be safely used,” said Rovamo.

On Thursday, the Great Hall of the Main Building is reserved for an event of several hundred participants organised by the National Defence Course Association.

Due to safety and security reasons, the premises have occupancy limitations, and the exits must be left unobstructed.

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