Lifespan likely to increase to up to 120 years

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Human lifespan is expected to increase to up to 120 years within decades thanks to technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and knowledge gained from the COVID-19 pandemic, reported Xinhua, quoting Swedish Television (SVT) on Sunday.

"Our prognosis is a lifespan between 100 and 120 years within 50 years or so, at least in developed countries," Ignat Kulkov, a researcher at Malardalen University (MDU), told SVT.

Elderly people are also expected to be as healthy as those in their forties — much thanks to rapid technological advancements, Kulkov explained about a study findings which was done with colleagues at universities in Finland, France and the United Kingdom and has been published in the scientific journal Futures.

"More and more people will wear wearable devices to track their health status. These devices will be connected with doctors and hospitals," Kulkov said, adding that some of these sensors will be in the form of implants.

Such devices will lead to physicians being able to recommend lifestyle changes at an early stage, with improved health and longer lifespan as a result, he said.

Advancements in other fields will also contribute to a longer life, the scientists have found.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in better knowledge of how to trace viruses more efficiently, while AI is already used to diagnose diseases quicker and to develop new treatments, Kulkov said.

Personalized medicine with individually tailored drugs is also expected to contribute to improved health, he added.

There are, however, also new challenges, Kulkov noted.

"Climate change will have the biggest influence on our healthcare systems and our lives, not only in the future but already nowadays," he said.

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