Demo held in Helsinki protesting Israeli attacks in Gaza

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Several hundreds of people on Saturday staged demonstrations in Helsinki protesting against the killings of innocent people in Gaza by Israeli forces and demanded immediate ceasefire there.

The protesters bearing Palestinian flags and various banners and festoons brought out a procession, which paraded through different important vantages in the city.

During the procession they chanted various slogans including “Stop The Genocide, Free Palestine” and strongly condemned the Israeli aggression in Gaza.

After the procession, they held a rally where the speakers accused Israel of killing thousands of innocent people including children.

Terming the attacks on the civilians as genocide, the demonstrators demanded immediate ceasefire to stop the inhuman activities in the area.

Earlier on October 28, several thousands of people staged demonstrations at different major cities in Finland protesting against the killing of Palestinians in Gaza by Israel.

On October 20, several hundreds of people staged a demonstration at Helsinki city centre protesting against the Israeli attacks in Gaza.

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