Fur farms to euthanize mammals infected with bird flu

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To safeguard public health, the Finnish Food Authority on Wednesday ordered the country's fur farms to euthanize all foxes and raccoons found with signs of bird flu infections, reported Xinhua.

This rule applies to approximately 115,000 animals (109,000 foxes and 6,000 raccoons).

According to the authority, investigations have revealed that bird flu is spreading among mammals in the country's fur farms. Initially, the order only related to minks, and the culling of foxes and raccoon dogs was discretionary.

In a press release, the authority said, "The longer the virus circulates in mammals, the greater the risk of contagious variants emerging that could affect humans." It further explained: "To date, variants facilitating transmission to humans have been identified in six Finnish fur farms, affecting minks, raccoon dogs and foxes."

Bird flu has been detected in 26 fur farms in the Finnish province of Ostrobothnia, resulting in the culling of approximately 135,000 production animals.

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Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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