Denmark recommends flu, COVID-19 vaccination

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The Danish Health Authority (SST) on Thursday recommended getting vaccinated against influenza and COVID-19 to prevent a "flare up during the autumn and winter" among the elderly and high-risk groups, reported Xinhua.

In a press release, the SST predicted that both influenza and COVID-19 infections would surge during the autumn and winter, adding that the risk of influenza and COVID-19-related severe illnesses increases with age.

After Oct. 1, senior citizens in Denmark will be offered free vaccination against influenza and COVID-19. Pharmacies and regional immunization sites across the country will administer the shots.

In addition to the elderly, the authority also advises younger individuals who are at higher risk for severe illness to get vaccinated against both diseases.

As in previous years, children aged between two and six are eligible for influenza vaccination, which is administered through a nasal spray.

In August, Denmark's Statens Serum Institut detected a third case of a new Omicron subvariant, BA.2.86, sparking international concern.

Despite the new findings, the recent surge in infections is not attributed to the new subvariant, and vaccines are expected to offer strong protection, according to the institution.

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