EU must become stronger geopolitical player: PM

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Prime Minister Petteri Orpo on Friday underscored the need for strengthening the EU’s economic base, promoting competitiveness, according to an official press release.

“The European Union must become a stronger geopolitical player. This means strengthening the EU’s economic base, promoting competitiveness, leading the way in clean energy and bolstering our security and defence,” said Orpo at the meeting of EU leaders in Granada, Spain.

The EU leaders issued a joint declaration on the Union’s priorities for the coming years. It emphasised the need to safeguard the security of EU citizens and guarantee their economic and social wellbeing.

The EU leaders gathered for the informal meeting in Granada to begin work on the more detailed EU strategic agenda for 2024–2029.

Along with the starting points for the strategic agenda, the declaration also discussed other topical issues, such as the need to manage migration.

The EU leaders reiterated their commitment to supporting Ukraine and its people for as long as necessary.

They also reaffirmed that the future of the candidate countries is in the EU, noting that enlargement is a geostrategic investment in peace, security and prosperity, the press release added.

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