Finland sees record high wind power production in 2022

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The production of fossil-free electricity was at a record high in 2022, covering 75 per cent of the overall electricity consumption, according to Statistics Finland.

Wind power covered a record-breaking 14.1 per cent of all electricity consumption.

The volume of wind power production went up by 41 per cent in 2022. The use of wind power as a source of electricity was at a record high (11.6 TWh).

Wind power eclipsed wood-fuelled electricity and became the third largest source of electricity.

While wood-fuelled electricity production went down from the previous year, it still covered 13.5 per cent of the overall electricity consumption.

The total consumption of energy decreased by 6 per cent in 2022.

In comparison with the previous year, domestic production of electricity remained stable while net electricity imports decreased by 30 per cent.

The decrease in net imports was primarily due to the ceasing of Russian electricity imports in May. Russian electricity import went down by 60 per cent.

The ceasing of Russian electricity and gas imports and increased energy prices have been reflected in the acquisition and consumption of electricity.

The high electricity costs in 2022 also contributed to a decrease in demand.

Domestic electricity production levels remained stable with a 0.2 per cent decrease from the previous year.

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