German employers want greater incentives for foreign skilled workers

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Following Germany's adoption of new legislation to help plug labour force gaps with migrants, employers are calling for even greater efforts to attract skilled workers from abroad, reported dpa.

"The Skilled Workers Immigration Act is a step in the right direction. But much more needs to be done," the president of the country's union of employers, Rainer Dulger, told dpa.

Dulger cited lingering barriers for foreign skilled workers such as language and the absence of adequate social conditions for those arriving in Germany.

"There are often difficulties in finding housing and childcare," he said. "In countries like Canada, there is also a much more open welcoming culture."

In many countries, foreign professionals can submit a large part of their applications and documents digitally even before entering the country, including fast processing, Dulger pointed out.

"In our country, there is a lot of talk and announcements — but hardly anything implemented," he said.

The Skilled Workers Immigration Act passed in June provides for a so-called opportunity card based on a points system. The selection criteria include language skills, professional experience, age and connection to the country, which currently faces shortages of workers in several sectors.

Demographic changes in Germany, which has an ageing population, have also raised concerns about future strains on the labour force as growing numbers of workers retire.

Germany will continue to take steps to limit irregular migration, but still needs to attract more skilled workers through the legal immigration system, Chancellor Olaf Scholz stressed in July.

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