German train drivers’ union threatens further strikes

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A trade union representing drivers at Germany's national railway Deutsche Bahn rejected on Friday a proposal for a three-week labour truce over Christmas, instead warning of further strikes, reported dpa.

Trade union GDL and Deutsche Bahn management are locked in contentious collective bargaining talks over demands for raises and shorter working hours. GDL is one of two unions that represent train drivers and other workers at Deutsche Bahn.

The timing of the talks has raised concerns that the labour conflict could impact the busy holiday travel season, when many Germans take trains to visit family and friends over Christmas and the New Year.

On Friday, the union declared a second round of negotiations a failure and called for members to vote to authorize open-ended strikes.

Deutsche Bahn executive Martin Seiler said that the union's leader, Claus Weselsky, rejected a request not to strike between December 15 and January 7.

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