Keskusta decides not to join govt as negotiation talks on

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The Suomen Keskusta (Centre Party of Finland) decided not to join the upcoming government and play its role in the parliament as an opposition party.

Keskuta did not reply to the questions given on April 14 by Petteri Orpo, leader of the centre-right Kansallinen Kokoomus (National Coalition Party-NCP) as a move to form a new government, parliament and party sources said.

Meanwhile, the other eight political parties replied to the queries by Tuesday noon, the deadline for the answers stipulated by Orpo, leader of the largest political party in the parliament.

The radical right-wing populist Perussuomalaiset (Finns Party), second largest party in its reply said that it would be strict on its policy to tighten rules on immigration from outside Europe and would not agree to new joint EU debt, if becomes a component of the upcoming alliance government.

The third largest party in the parliament Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue (Social Democratic Party of Finland-SDP) in its answers to Orpo´s questions said that it would join the upcoming government, if the government does not cut spending on social and healthcare, education and social benefits for the poor.

After the replies and discussions with the parliamentary groups of the political parties, the leader of the preliminary discussions called all the parliamentary groups together to inform which parliamentary groups and parties will move on to government formation talks.

The parliamentary groups on April 14 selected Orpo to lead the preliminary discussions to form a new government and Orpo gave the parliamentary groups of the major political parties 24 questions.

Kokoomus narrowly led in the parliamentary polls held on April 2 bagging 48 seats, just two seats higher than its nearest competitor radical right Perussuomalaiset (Finns Party).

Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue (Social Democratic Party of Finland-SDP) secured third place in the close race election with 43 seats followed by the components of the five-party alliance government Suomen Keskusta (Centre Party of Finland) 23 seats, Vihreä Liitto (Green League) 13 seats, Vasemmistoliito (Left Alliance) 11 seats and Suomenruotsalainenkansanpuolue (Swedish People’s Party of Finland-RKP) nine seats while SuomenKristillisdemokraatit (Christian Democrats of Finland) bagged five seats, Liike Nyt (Movement Now) one and independent candidate one in the 200-seat parliament.

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