Latvia swears in Rinkevics as 1st openly gay president in EU

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Edgars Rinkevics, Latvia's long-standing foreign minister, took office as the Baltic country's new president on Saturday becoming the first openly gay head of state of a European Union nation, international media reported.

In the inauguration ceremony at the parliament house, Rinkevics took the presidential oath in the presence of lawmakers, reported Xinhua.

In his first speech to parliament as the head of state, Rinkevics pledged to promote justice, the rule of law, and a prosperous, inclusive and respectful society.

Rinkevics, who had been serving as Latvia's foreign minister since 2011, was nominated for the post of president by his New Unity party after the previous president Egils Levits decided not to seek reelection.

Rinkevics was elected president by the Saeima, Latvia's parliament, with 52 votes in favor. His rival contender Uldis Pilens, who was nominated by the United List, received 25 votes.

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