Man killed in road mishap in Joensuu

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One person was killed and another injured in a road accident at Tuupovaara in Joensuu on Saturday morning.

Police said that the accident took place at about 9:00 am when a speeding private car skidded off the road at Öllölä area and collided with roadside trees.

The driver and a passenger were injured and the car was completely damaged in the accident.

Rescue service people and police rushed to the spot and took the critically injured driver to Kuopio University Hospital (KYS) by a helicopter ambulance.

The 41 years old driver later succumbed to his wounds at the hospital.

The lone passenger of the car, who sustained minor wounds was taken to North Karjala Central Hospital for treatment.

The police, however, did not divulge the detail identities of the victims.

Police suspected that the driver might have been intoxicated and was driving the car violating the speed limit of the road.

The Accident Investigation Board and Police are investigating into the incident to find out the circumstances surrounding the accident.

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