Lion believed to be on the loose in Berlin

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Berlin police sent out a warning over night that a large predator, probably a lioness, was on the loose in the southern suburbs of Berlin.

Residents were warned not to leave their homes and to keep pets indoors.

Police and fire department said on Thursday morning via social media that they believed a wild animal spotted during the night was probably a lioness.

"We don't know where it came from," a spokesman for the local police said.

He added that zoos, animal parks, circuses and animal welfare facilities in the area had not reported a missing lioness.

A witness alerted police to the presence of the big cat after he had filmed it in bushes, from the safety of his car. Some witnesses claimed to have recorded videos of the feline predator chasing and killing a wild boar.

Police told dpa that helicopters were being used to search for the animal in the suburb of Kleinmachnow and neighbouring communities. Residents were alerted with warning apps.

Kleinmachnow is located on the southern outskirts of Berlin. The town has about 20,000 residents.

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