PM stresses strong support for Ukraine

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Prime Minister Sanna Marin on Thursday stressed the need for effective implementation of sanctions and continued strong support for Ukraine.

Speaking at the European Political Community (EPC) Summit and group discussions, the outgoing Premier in Moldova, she also emphasised the importance of responding to Russia’s war of aggression for Europe as a whole.

“Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine will continue to have a significant impact on the security situation throughout Europe over the short and long term. The best way to safeguard European security is to help Ukraine defend itself and achieve a just and lasting peace. It is important that we work together to prevent Russia from circumventing sanctions,” said Marin.

The heads of state or government of the EU Member States and 20 other European countries met for the EPC Summit where the leaders focused on three themes: security, energy and strengthening connections between the participating countries.

Discussions were held in thematic small groups, and Marin participated in the debate on security in the same group as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

In the discussions, she also highlighted the need for closer cooperation in strengthening resilience and countering hybrid threats.

In connection with the meeting, the Premier met briefly with President of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani to discuss the tense situation in North Kosovo.

She also discussed Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine with Federal Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz.

The decision to hold the meeting in Moldova conveys the EPC’s support for the country, which is currently being targeted by Russian hybrid influence activities. This was the second EPC Summit after the first summit was held in Prague in autumn 2022.

Established at the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron, the EPC aims to promote close cooperation between the EU and its European partners, thereby promoting the values and interests of the EU in its neighbouring areas.

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