Putin points to steady progress of multipolar world order

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The world is witnessing the steady rise of a new multipolar world order, said Russian President Vladimir Putin Tuesday during the 11th Moscow Conference on International Security, reported Xinhua.

Discussing the global shift towards multipolarity, Putin said "most countries are ready to assert their sovereignty and defend their national interests, traditions, culture."

The Russian leader pointed out that a multipolar world order will ultimately contribute to "steady and sustainable global development," and help solve pressing social, economic, technological and environmental challenges.

He further noted that those who currently provoke new conflicts around the world and try to escalate existing ones are "seeking to benefit from human tragedy" by dividing nations, enforcing obedience, and exploiting the resources of other states.

"The United States is intent on reformatting the existing system of interstate relations in the Asia-Pacific region as it deems fit," he said, adding that Washington's Indo-Pacific strategies are only aimed at forming U.S.-led military and political associations.

NATO member states are actively building up their offensive potential, and are using military and non-military means to exert pressure on other states, he noted.

By pumping billions of dollars into Ukraine, supplying Kiev with equipment, and providing ongoing military assistance, Western states are further escalating the conflict and drawing other countries into it, he said.

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Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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