Sports park with multi-facilities opened in Helsinki

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The City of Helsinki on Sunday inaugurated a sports park having multi-facilities for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The Kruunuvuorenranta sports park, built at Laajasalo at a cost of 4.6 million euros holds a football pitch, a neighbourhood sports site for young people with wall-climbing facilities, a scootering and skateboarding area, a multi-purpose arena for floorball and basketball, and a playground at the southern part.

On the north side of the woods there is a well-equipped outdoor gym. The basketball court is full length and has special Sport Court flooring.

The park represents a new concept combining a sports park, a playground and a recreational area with nature.

It is located in an area formerly used for oil terminal operations, which used to be covered mainly by crushed gravel.

In addition to the activity areas, the park has comfortable places to sit and spend time, as well as a wide variety of plants.

More than 2,400 seedlings are being planted in the park, almost 100 of which are tree seedlings of 24 different tree species.

Construction in the northern part of the sports park will continue through the autumn. The northern part of the park will also have an outdoor chess set and a pétanque court.

Several hundreds of people attended the opening ceremony and participated in several activities such as face painting, chair and balance exercises, DJ music and warm-up exercises.

Participants at the ceremony expressed their satisfaction over the new facilities included in the park.

“The park is very great and necessary for the community because the neighbourhood does not have anything like this at first,” said one of the participants.

“In this new residential area, there are no sports facilities or youth facilities yet and Kruunuvuorenranta Sports Park is the first Public Park to open in this neighbourhood”, Rauna Sarrivaara, Project Manager at the City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division, responsible for the construction of the park told Daily Finland, adding that the new park would have a positive impact on young people´s health.

She said the new park also will be served as sport venue for the new Kruunuvuorenranta Central School when the school opens around 2026.

“The constructor for civil engineering, sports and playing grounds and landscaping is VRJ Etelä-Suomi Oy. The contract work continues in the northern part of the park” Sarrivaara added.

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