Stricter immigration policy worries Helsinki University Rector

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Rector of the University of Helsinki Sari Lindblom on Monday expressed concern over the stricter immigration policy proposed by the four-party alliance government.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the academic year of the university, she also raised voice against racism or other forms of discrimination.

“The increasingly strict immigration policy proposed has especially raised concerns in our community. We are one of the largest employers in the country, with a key role in the recruitment of international talent,” Lindblom said., adding that Finland needs more international talent.

She also emphasised the importance of belonging to a community for the establishment of resilience.

“In our diverse community there is no room for racism or other forms of discrimination. It is crucial that each of us feels they are a part of the University,” said the Rector.

“Only by increasing and investing in skills can Finland’s future success be guaranteed. This is why obstacles to entering, staying and legally residing in Finland must not be renewed and strengthened but dismantled with determination,” she added.

In her speech, Lindblom pointed out that the programme of Finland’s new government includes some decisions that are good for universities, and others that bring uncertainty about our future.

“The government’s decision to adhere to the university index is vital to Finnish universities. Reliable core funding in the long term guarantees continuity in research and education. Also important for the future of Finland is the pledge to raise research and development expenditure to 4% of the gross national product by 2030,” she said.

On the other hand, action on the part of the Finnish government to enhance the level of education and skills appears less certain.

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