Woman killed in Vuokatti hotel, suspect dies in road mishap

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A woman was killed in a residential hotel at Katinkulla in Vuokatti early Saturday, police said in a press release.

Meanwhile, the suspect of the murder was also killed in a road accident at Kärsämäki, a municipality in North Ostrobothnia region within a span of few hours.

Police suspected that the man in his 30s killed the woman of about his same age inside the hotel before his death in the accident.

Police, however, did not disclose the detail of the murder and the identities of the victim and the suspect at the initial stage of the investigation.

Although police said that both the victim and suspect hailed from Haapavesi, a municipality in North Ostrobothnia region, the relation between them was not disclosed.

The accident took place at about Saturday noon when the private car of the suspect collided with a heavy vehicle on Ouluntie road in north of Kärsämäki.

The suspect, driver of the private car died on the spot in the accident. The reason behind the accident could not be known.

The police are investigating into the two deaths including one suspected murder.

The Accident Investigation Board and Police are investigating into the incident to find out the circumstances surrounding the accident.

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Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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