17 suspected of smuggling 1800 kg snus to Finland from Sweden

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The Finnish Customs has suspected 17 people of smuggling about 1800 kilograms of snus from Sweden to Finland, said Finnish Customs in a press release on Thursday.

The Customs completed the preliminary investigation into the criminal case involving smuggling of the large quantities of snus in 2021 and 2022 evading taxes of an estimated amount of 735 000 euros.

The case has been forwarded to the Prosecution District of Northern Finland for consideration of charges.

The authority estimated that the activity has resulted in almost half a million euros in criminal proceeds.

It is suspected that the snus was smuggled from Haparanda in Sweden to Kemi in Finland, and from there to the Helsinki region.

First, the snus was imported to Finland by car, after which it was packed in suitcases in northern Finland and transported further to southern Finland.

In Finland, the snus was transported mainly by rail on passenger trains, but also by road.

“We uncovered the suspected offences through our own criminal intelligence activities, but close cooperation between Finnish Customs and various transport service companies has also had a key role in the investigation. During the preliminary investigation, we conducted several house searches in the Helsinki region and in northern Finland and seized large quantities of snus. Snus was also seized from trains and cars in various parts of Finland. Cash suspected of being criminal proceeds was also seized,” said investigator in charge Pasi Lukkarinen.

Customs suspects 17 persons, who were living in the Helsinki region, in northern Finland and in Sweden at the time of the offences.

Most of them are suspected of having participated in importing the snus and transporting it to southern Finland.

Customs has investigated the criminal case as several aggravated tax frauds and smuggling offences and also as unlawful dealing in imported goods.

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Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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