Flixbus to open new Finland-Poland route on July 27

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German bus service operator FlixBus is launching an international bus route from Vaasa in Finland to Warsaw in Poland on July 27, the company said.

The full journey via Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will take about 27 hours, covering 1070 kilometers. A one-way ticket will cost from 52,99 euros.

The bus, which will starts from Vaasa, stops at Närpes, Pori, Rauma, Raisio, Turku, Salo, Espoo and Helsinki before leaving Finland.

“The fare of the domestic connections in Finland will be from EUR 2,99 to EUR 9,99 depending on the route,” FlixBus communications specialist Agata Kuznia told Daily Finland, adding that the fare from Turku to Helsinki, for an example, starts from 4,99 euros.

The service includes a ferry trip between Helsinki and Tallinn with environmentally-friendly ferries on the Baltic Sea, the company said in a release.

On its way to Warsaw, the bus will also stop at Tallinn and Pärnu in Estonia, at Riga and Jelgava in Latvia, at Siauliai and Kaunas in Lithuania and at Suwalki and Lomza in Poland.

“Flix is now entering the Finnish market. We’ve reached another great milestone of connecting all continental EU countries. We believe that by providing convenient transportation on a global scale, we will revolutionize the travel market,” said André Schwämmlein, CEO of Flix.

The route in Finland is an extension to an existing route between Warsaw and Tallinn. It will be run by a Lithuanian transport company, Ollex, and a ferry operator, Tallink.

“This new green bus route opens up possibilities to travel from there further to hundreds of European cities,” Michael Leman, the managing director of FlixBus in the Baltic States, Poland, and Ukraine told Daily Finland.

“Now with just one interconnection, you can reach as far as Paris or Kyiv. And, that is a unique offer, integrating the whole continent,” Leman added.

Passengers can book a trip from the company’s website or in the FlixBus application.

“We are delighted about our collaboration with FlixBus as it embarks on a new route that will connect Estonia and Finland as well as Finland with wider Europe. This partnership marks a significant step forward in our mutual goal of creating seamless transportation options and enhancing connectivity between regions,” Tallink Group sales director Marina Jõgi said in the release issued by the bus company.

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Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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